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Meaghan Stanfill

  • Penthouse Pet of the Month March 2020

    If she could have any profession in the world… “It would be to run my own equal opportunity charity organization. Ideally, I would like to own farmers markets or grocery stores and employ or rehabilitate the less fortunate in an effort to transition them back into the workforce so that they can be successful. Everyone deserves the opportunity to rebuild themselves.”

    On her day job… “I work with mostly ICE patients and veterans. These people are generally overlooked in mental health care. My favorite part about my job is I get to administer treatment and cure people who otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance to get healed without government aid.”

    On what she does in her downtime… “I love to cook and create new recipes. I did 42 recipes last year and they’re all healthy alternatives to my favorite dishes.”

    On who she admires… “Tina Fey and Jackie Chan. Tina Fey is incredibly talented and changed the comedy industry forever as the first female head writer on SNL. Jackie Chan because of the way he treats people. He’s an incredible person who’s made sure everyone he works with has a good life.”

    On her biggest turn-on… “I love when someone is rough with me. I want to feel dainty, like I’m being manhandled.”

    On her pet peeves… “I do not like people who are rude to strangers or to people in the service industry. It’s also my biggest pet peeve to hear people making fun of someone’s appearance.”

    On the most adventurous place she has had sex… “A balcony in Miami overlooking the ocean.”

    On what she considers kinky… “Anything that makes me rethink the normalcy of sex. ”

    On the most daring thing she has ever done… “I free-climbed up a 48-foot cliff and jumped off it into a river.”

  • Measurements:32D-25-35
  • Height:-

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