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Video - Pet of the Month March 2020

Get to know the Penthouse Pet of the Month for March, 2020, Meaghan Stanfill. The civilians are always interesting when they fill these roles.

Comments (4)

  • PeterMoss20192020-03-18 01:22:48

    Very cute girl. She reminds me of my first crush when I was 5 years old. When did Penthouse hire Playboy's photographers? This is the tamest photo shoot I've seen on Penthouse.

  • Team Penthouse2020-04-17 06:40:42

    Yeah, the editors go through phases sometimes, flirting with less explicit models. Comments always help them determine whether or not people like this sort of approach, though. So would "tame" be good or bad in your eyes?

  • sevensteven2020-03-21 22:34:54

    Wow, what a gorgeous woman with natrual body. Please more videos of her.

  • Cecilio19602020-05-18 03:52:13

    So beautiful

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