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  • Videos will not Download

    All the resolutions available for download on a specific video will show under a "Download" button at the bottom right under the video player window. If you need specific help on the procedure: 1. Select whichever Download Version you prefer and click on it. 2. That will open another page in your browser. 3. Then RIGHT-CLICK on that video playing and "Save Video As" whatever you want anywhere on your own machine. Precise techniques may vary depending upon the operating system and browser, but they all work in this same general manner.
  • Photo Gallery will not Download

    There is a "Download" button on the bottom right of all the gallery pages which will allow you to save all of the photo sets to your own computer. If you have a problem with any specific gallery, please let us know, and we can refresh the set manually. If you have a problem with any specific gallery, please let us know, and we can refresh the set manually. Simply leave us a comment saying something clever like, “Yo! What up?! ” below that gallery.
  • Choppy Video

    After very extensive research around the office — where we have an exceptionally good internet connection — we have determined that on older machines, OR those that have 8GB of RAM or less, Internet Explorer and the new Microsoft Edge provide, well, let's go with "less than satisfactory" results when trying to play video. Issues like this can be very difficult to troubleshoot, what with there being many variables in any given situation. We CAN tell you, however, that no one has reported any problems with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or any browser other than one made by Microsoft. We would never tell you not to use any product or device you prefer, of course, what with us being all about free choice and liberty among consenting adults, and all. Consequently, feel free to draw your own conclusions. Hey, maybe some people like choppy video that you can't hear. Who knows?
  • Models as "Favorites"

    Some people have requested that they be allowed to "Favorite" a specific model. Currently the site framework does not allow that functionality, but the Team does have the issue on their list to develop in the future.
  • "Missing" Videos

    Longtime members may notice that not all of the videos present on the old company's site have made it to this new site. The reason for that basically comes down to a philosophy issue. The new owner has put a huge emphasis on quality over quantity because she believes that fits more closely to how she see the Penthouse Brand in general. The last owners were really just using the site to push traffic to their dating web site, and never really valued the history of the name at all. That's a biased opinion, of course, but one that has favor in the building now, so there's that. We do have a Team adding back these older titles as they come out of editing, generally at a pace of a few dozen a month. These do appear "in the background" however, so you will not notice them featured as "new" on the front page of the site. The best way to track whether or not a specific video has come back online would be to store a search for your favorite model(s) in your browser bookmarks so you can check back in more easily.
  • Magazine Questions

    We don't handle magazine issues and subscriptions here. For questions or issues about Penthouse printed material, you should contact that Customer Service group: MAGAZINE QUESTIONS: email: phone numbers — PENTHOUSE: 800-289-7368 LETTERS/VAR: 800-333-2802 MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS: new subscriptions - If that doesn't work, please let us know, as it's always good to keep track.

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