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Liv Wild

  • Penthouse Pet of the Month October 2019

    Hometown: Pompano Beach, Florida

    On the most exciting places she’s ever had sex… “In a botanical garden at dusk and pushed up against a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking a busy street.”

    On why she became a model and performer… “I wanted to push myself and grow. I’m very introverted and shy. I figured putting myself raw and exposed on camera for the world to see would force me to come out of my shell. It has — and I love it!”

    On her biggest pet peeves… “Lies, pushy people, snobs, fake flowers, and people telling me what to do.”

    On when she’s happiest… “When I feel cared about, like when I’m with my best friend.”

    On her biggest turn-offs… “I can’t stand big egos and men who want head but don’t want to eat me out.”

    On her dating deal breakers… “A guy who thinks he knows what’s best for me and tries to tell me what to do. Or someone with no future who thinks I’m going to take care of him financially.”

    On her ideal man… “I prefer someone who’s confident, honest, and has a sense of humor. But he can’t be needy or clingy. He should love to give affection. But he should also take care of himself and have goals he’s working toward.”

    On what drives her wild in bed… “Good chemistry. Hot sex with a guy who wants me to come as much as I want him to come.”

    On what gets her in trouble… “I’m mischievous. I like to push people’s buttons.”

  • Measurements:36C-27-37
  • Height:5'2"

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