GINA VALENTINA Penthouse Profile

Gina Valentina
Height: 5'2"
Measurements: 32-24-28
Fun Fact: “I’ve been in many physical fights. I’m small, but I’m mighty.”
Bio: Penthouse Pet of the Year 2018 and
Penthouse Pet of the Month August 2017

Hometown: Rio de Janeiro

What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? You want the truth?

Duh. I’m a bit of a stoner. I’ll wake up, brush my teeth, then I smoke a joint while I have my coffee.

The poor man’s speedball. A great way to start the day! What are your relationship deal breakers? If I’m going to commit to a man, he has to let me have a girlfriend, too. I love being with women just as much as I do men, but things are just more intimate with women.

Intimate how? It’s hard to explain. It’s satisfying in a different way. I remember my first experience with a girl. I was spilling out with urges to kiss her, touch her, be all over her. It was amazing. I tried to have a girlfriend, but I missed men.

You’re a true bisexual — the sexual unicorn. Yes, and when I say that, most people don’t believe me. They can’t believe that someone is bisexual. But I need both.

What was your first time with a man like? I lost my virginity when I was pretty young, but I had been masturbating a lot — like, a lot. Multiple times a day. I couldn’t help myself. I still can’t.

You are a proud, furious masturbator. Own it. Totally. So, I’m masturbating daily and my fantasies are getting out of control. One night, I went out with my friends, met a stranger, and went home with him. It was crazy because I had never seen a dick before, let alone touched one. I had never felt come in my hand. It was a great experience. I was filled. All my curiosities were answered.