TORI BLACK Penthouse Profile

Tori Black
Height: 5’9”
Measurements: 34B-27-35
Fun Fact: I gave my boyfriend oral on an airplane—and not in the bathroom! Sneaky, sneaky!
Bio: Penthouse Pet of the Month December 2008

Hometown: Seattle.

Favorite food: Soy hot wings (I’m vegan).

Favorite TV shows: Family Guy, CSI, Friends.

Favorite movies: The second Harold & Kumar, The Dark Knight.

Worst job: Cleaning out stalls at a horse ranch.

If you won a million dollars, you’d: Invest and relax.

Do you want to be famous? Not too famous. I love fans, but I like to live normally.

Were you a wild teenager? I had my wild streak. I needed to find boundaries for myself.

Would you rather lose your right arm or your ability to have orgasms? My right arm. My orgasms are phenomenal!