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Shyla Jennings

  • Penthouse Pet of the Month April 2018

    Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

    You have a lot of animals on your property. Can you tell us about your family of creatures? [Laughs] I have three dogs: a French bulldog, a Labrador mix, and a Chiweenie, which is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. They are a handful themselves. Then, I have two rescued indoor cats and one of those cat’s families lives outdoors, plus seven other outdoor cats. I would bring them all in, but they are so acclimated to the outdoors. I also have an African grey parrot named Leah and a saltwater tank filled with thousands of creatures like clown fish, starfish, and crabs.

    Have you always loved animals? Yes. My grandfather used to say that when my mom was little she would bring home stray animals off the street. It’s in my blood. We are all big animal people. I grew up with a few dogs. I never had cats until now. They are new to me. They are like little alien creatures.

    Everyone knows you are a Texas girl, but you weren’t actually born there, were you? I was born in Stuttgart, Germany. I’m a military brat.

    Isn’t it true that being a military brat makes you a social butterfly? Because you always have to be the new kid, so you learn how to make a great first impression. Yeah, I guess so! I try! [Laughs]

    With you being a Texan, is it wrong to assume your favorite hobbies are shooting guns, drinking sweet tea, and tubing down the river in your flip-flops? [Laughs] As much as I enjoy all those stereotypical Southern-girl things like making sweet tea or baking pies, I also like to get dirty. I love four-wheeling, or “mudding” as we call it. I love camping and hiking. Being outdoors in general, but I don’t think you have to be a Texan to enjoy that stuff. I also love horseback riding.

    Would you ever get a horse? Oh, yeah. But you know what I really want? A donkey.

    Why a donkey? [Laughs] I don’t know! I just think they are so goofy and cute.

    Another little pal to add to your furry family. Yup!

    We had a blast on set with you. You were a total champ and an excellent body painter. I had so much fun all day, but toward the end, I really went for it. Who doesn’t like getting a little messy? I mean, it’s not every day that you get to slather paint all over yourself and smash your body onto a big, blank canvas. I actually do enjoy painting in real life, even though I did not exhibit my skills that day.

    We gave you washable kids' paint for safety. Next time, we’ll give you the real stuff and you can let your inner Picasso shine through. [Laughs] I would probably end up splatter painting anyway.
  • Measurements:32B-26-36
  • Height:5'2"

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