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Shannon Williams

  • Penthouse Pet of the Month November 1991
    The Rocky Mountains are known as the crown jewel of natural wonders in Colorado, but they’ve got some stiff new competition from our Thanksgiving Pet, 20-year-old Shannon Williams. As a college freshman studying marine biology though, she’s far from being a snow bunny. “People find it hard to believe because I’ve lived here my whole life,” 36-24-34 Shannon explains, “but I went snow-skiing for the first time last winter. I didn’t take any lessons, so I had to really work at it, but it was great!”

    “I’m very athletic,” Shannon says, “and my sport changes with the season. I go from horseback riding to running, from swimming to soccer, from white-water rafting to skiing. The one thing that doesn’t change is that I’m outdoors. I think that’s why I’m environmentally conscious. I’m interested in making the earth a better place. I’m into the space program, too, because there could be other worlds that we don’t know anything about yet. It’s so fascination to speculate!”

    “I’ve been intrigued by outer space ever since I went camping in the mountains and made love under the stars.”

    Of course, not all of Shannon’s favorite activities take place outdoors. “When I think back, my most cherished memories will be the evenings when a boyfriend and I made love by the fire and then watch the snow fall… from inside.”

    “I need to stay in and read a book to relax sometimes,” Shannon adds. “I mean, I love to swim, but once I was taking it too seriously at a public pool. I didn’t realize my bathing suit top had fallen off until I finished my laps. Imagine the sight I must have been!” We certainly will, with great pleasure.

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