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  • Penthouse Pet of the Month May 2010

    Hometown: Moscow, Russia

    Favorite movie? I like very sad, depressing films, and the list is endless. I love having a good cry.

    Favorite music? I love a Latin beat

    Favorite drink? Vodka. At the end of the day, I am Russian.

    Dream vacation? I love traveling, and so far, I haven’t been to the same place twice. My dream vacation would be Australia at Christmastime. It would be so cool to have a Christmas barbecue on the beach.

    Were you a wild child? I was not a wild child at all. I was a bright student and a good daughter. Then I turned 18… Now I want to be a groupie for the Jonas Brothers. I want to see if I can corrupt them all. Well, once they’re all 18, anyway.

    What’s the most exciting place you’ve ever had sex? The most exciting place I’ve ever screwed is in a circus tent. I was risking my life twice a day as a trapeze artist working 50 feet off the ground and that used to get m in the mood for hot and steamy sex.

    What’s your favorite fantasy? A very dirty gang bang. And since I’ll admit that I once had an incredible sexual experience with three hot guys, I’ll bet now you can imagine how dirty that gang bang would be.
  • Measurements:34DD;24-34
  • Height:5’5”



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