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  • Penthouse Pet of the Month May 2010

    Hometown: Moscow, Russia

    Favorite movie? I like very sad, depressing films, and the list is endless. I love having a good cry.

    Favorite music? I love a Latin beat

    Favorite drink? Vodka. At the end of the day, I am Russian.

    Dream vacation? I love traveling, and so far, I haven’t been to the same place twice. My dream vacation would be Australia at Christmastime. It would be so cool to have a Christmas barbecue on the beach.

    Were you a wild child? I was not a wild child at all. I was a bright student and a good daughter. Then I turned 18… Now I want to be a groupie for the Jonas Brothers. I want to see if I can corrupt them all. Well, once they’re all 18, anyway.

    What’s the most exciting place you’ve ever had sex? The most exciting place I’ve ever screwed is in a circus tent. I was risking my life twice a day as a trapeze artist working 50 feet off the ground and that used to get m in the mood for hot and steamy sex.

    What’s your favorite fantasy? A very dirty gang bang. And since I’ll admit that I once had an incredible sexual experience with three hot guys, I’ll bet now you can imagine how dirty that gang bang would be.

    The definition of ravishing is Roxanna. The Russian bombshell is our Penthouse Pet of the Month for May 2010 and frankly, we could stare at her every day of the year. There is no body that compares to this centerfold's. Her perfectly mounted tits are too good to be true. Her surgeon deserves an award for that accomplishment.

    Unsurprisingly, the stunner was chosen as Twisty's Treat of the Month for May 2011, and her galleries and movies are definitely ones to download to the spank bank. The voluptuous temptress keeps her private life under wraps, but she has alluded to her experience with threesomes and her girl crushes that she's more than just friends with.

    Roxanna is literally as sexy as they come with her supple body, sweet face, and dirty mind. We hope you enjoy her feature as much as we loved shooting the sex goddess.

  • Measurements:34DD;24-34
  • Height:5’5”



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