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Ora Young

  • Penthouse Pet of the Month July 2019

    Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

    On what she does on her off days… “I love yoga, hiking, eating good food, and most importantly, spending time with my perfect little dog, Bella.”

    On diets… “I don’t diet. I use intermittent fasting and only eat when I’m hungry. I did the gluten-free diet once, which was a terrible choice for me because I had to cut out pizza. It was a total disaster!”

    On her pet peeves… “I’m a pretty easygoing person, but one thing that bothers me is when people don’t cover their mouths to cough or sneeze. Just use your inner elbow or your shirt. Come on, people!”

    On the most exciting place she’s had sex… “I once had sex at a neighborhood clubhouse shower. People were walking in and out of there the whole time. It was a hot, steamy shower, and the excitement of having to keep quiet to not get caught was so intense.”

    On the most daring thing she’s ever done… “Uprooting my young life, moving to a new city, and getting naked on the internet. That was very daring for me, and it turned out to be the best adventure I’ve embarked on so far.”

    On her dating deal breakers… “Rudeness. Just be nice and be a gentleman. Is chivalry really dead?”

    On her ideal man… “I’m a big fan of the classic tall, dark, and handsome man who is driven, successful in his discipline, and a true gentleman. When the shades are closed, however, he is not afraid to get down and dirty with me. On second thought, leave the shades open.”

    On her dream date… “Elvis. He’s the first one who comes to mind.”

  • Measurements:32C-27-35
  • Height:5'4

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