JEANIE MARIE Penthouse Profile

Jeanie Marie
Height: 5’6”
Measurements: 34-26-32
Bio: Cybercutie July/August 2017
Hometown: Las Vegas

What’s the most powerful thing you’ve done? I’m a big advocate of celebrating the female form in all its power. I directed a movie, Intimate Encounters 3: Naked and Beautiful. It was originally made for Adam & Eve, but crossed over to Showtime. It was nominated for a few awards, too. I want to celebrate sex. Sex is the biggest translator of power.

You’re clearly an exhibitionist. Have you always craved an audience? When I was a kid, I loved shock value. I used to get these rubber snakes and hide them in the house to freak out my mom. She would screech and scream. I loved that I had the power to control someone’s reaction.

I bet you drove your parents crazy. My dad actually loved the snake prank so much that he ended up buying me twelve garter snakes. One day, I let them all go in my house. My mom was besides herself. She was losing her mind between the real snakes and the rubber ones.

You have a thing for reptiles? I’ve always been attracted to strange and dangerous pets. I have no problem with snakes, spiders, or cockroaches. I’ve handled a few Nile monitor lizards. I really want a Serval cat. They are these beautiful, wild cats from Africa.

What happens when you bring home a dude to a house full of terrifying pets? My boyfriend is not a fan, so I don’t have exotic pets right now. He’s hot—I don’t want to scare him away.