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Jay Marie

  • Penthouse Pet of the Month March 2019

    Hometown: San Luis Obispo, California

    So, roller skating… not your thing! How was it trying to pose nude in old-school skates? Quite honestly, it was very scary! The team would walk me around to different spots, then I would try to pose and keep it as long as I could. If I wobbled, they came running. I appreciated it a lot! They saved me multiple times.

    You currently go to school. What are you studying? I’m doing general education and trying to figure out what I’d like to do. There are so many possible careers, but I’m not sure which one I’m passionate about yet.

    You were born and raised in San Luis Obispo. What do you love most about your hometown? I love how my hometown isn’t very big but still has a good amount to do. It’s a beach town so it does get busy, but for the most part it’s not too crowded.

    What was your favorite look during the shoot? That’s tough! I loved all of them, to be honest. My favorite would have to be the one with the visor and lollipop. So fun!

    What things are on your bucket list? I want to travel! I know a lot of people say that, but there’s so much I haven’t seen.

    Secret obsessions? I love cats. My kitty is so spoiled.

    How did you get into modeling? I had a photographer ask me in September to be a part of his project, so I figured I’d try it. That shoot was pretty much nude, so since the beginning I’ve been shooting that way.

    What do you love about posing naked? What I love most is that I feel free. I didn’t feel weird about being naked in front of the team. I’ve gotten very comfortable with it. It’s helped me become more secure with my body.

    What was it like working with Penthouse? It was such a great experience! Everyone was super sweet and made me feel very comfortable. Once we wrapped it up, I was sad it was over.

  • Measurements:32C-28-37
  • Height:5'6"

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