Jaqueline Winfield
Measurements: 36-23-36
Bio: Houston is on fire, and no man in his right mind will put it out. Not when the blaze is being parked by Jaqueline Winfield, out April Pet of the Month. A professional dancer who’s currently enjoying a stint in one of Texas’s hottest nightclubs, she hopes to move to Los Angeles so she can pursue an acting career.

“My first role was a dancer in the movie ‘Johnny Be Good’, not too challenging.”

“Acting comes very easily for me,” Says 23-year-old Jaqueline. “I photograph even better on-screen that in print, and I can fallow a director’s every command.”

The 36-23-36 Jaqueline enjoys rappelling — climbing steep cliffs and lowering herself against their side — and scuba diving.

“Pushing my body to the limit not only keeps me fit, it keeps my head clear”

Partly descended from Apache warriors, “I’m as wild as the wind and ready to take the warpath for anything I believe in.” says the dark-eyed beauty.

“My boyfriend once picked me up at the airport after we’d been separated for ten days,” she confides. “We were so hot for each other that he fallowed me into a ladies’ room and made love to me right then and there!”

But when it comes her affections, the Apache Pet is no Indian giver. “I could definitely be true to one man,” she muses, “as long as he wasn’t already successful. You see, I’d want him to need me to fulfill his dreams.”