JANA JORDAN Penthouse Profile

Jana Jordan
Height: 5’2”
Measurements: 32B-24-32
Fun Fact: I don’t work out, but I’ve been surfing since I was four.
Bio: Penthouse Pet of the Month August 2007

Qualities you like most in yourself: I’m drama free!

Pick anyone in the past, present, or future you want to sleep with: Debbie Harry. She’s fearless.

Real-life heroes: Bettie Page

Pick any place on your body for an erogenous zone: My cheek

If you could be famous for just one thing? I’d want to be famous for being a fun, girl-next-door porn star.

Your proudest moment? Moving to L.A. all on my own! I’m from a really small Texas town where people don’t really leave, so it was a huge step.

Were you a wild teenager? Sometimes I went to school without wearing panties and I’d pull my skirt up and walk down the hallway.

Favorite sound: Waterfalls

Would you rather lose the ability to have orgasms or your right arm? Orgasms. I need my right arm.

Pick any band to be a groupie for: The Sounds. The girl singer is crazy hot. They travel to a lot of cool places that I’ve never been to.