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Ivy Wolfe

  • Penthouse Pet of the Month October 2018

    Hometown: Portland, Oregon

    You used to dance in Portland. What drew you to the pole? I was and always will be on a path toward sexual liberation, and liberation in general. I have always thought that strippers were so fucking ballsy. I wanted to be like that: comfortable with my sexuality, my body, and unafraid to dance so freely. So one day, I just went for it.

    What was your go-to song to dance to? “Porn Star Dancing” by Darkest Days. Ironically, of course.

    Worst music to strip to? “Barbie Girl” by Aqua, but I made that shit work.

    Someone gives you $50K tomorrow, but you have to spend it in a week. What do you do? I would invest the money and start my healing retreat in Ecuador. That’s the dream.

    What’s the cheesiest line anyone has tried on you? Honestly, I block out cheesy pickup lines. I really don’t pay attention to them. My kind of guy is the guy who walks up and just tells me he thinks I’m beautiful and asks if he can buy me a drink.

    This is the Music Issue. How much do you love music? Music sets my soul on fire. I don’t love music. I need music.

    Best concert you’ve ever been to? Billy fucking Idol!

    Top five bands to soundtrack your life? Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Weezer, Fleetwood Mac, Christine and the Queens, and Gorillaz.

    Fuck, Marry, Kill: Rockstar Edition. Go! I’d fuck Prince, marry Stevie Nicks, and kill Milli Vanilli.

    And lastly, is there such a thing as too many dicks? Never!
  • Measurements:32B-24-28
  • Height:5'4"

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