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Greta Andersen

  • Penthouse Pet of the Month March 1983
    Watching Pet of the Month Greta Andersen check under the hood of her car, who could ever run out of gas? Finding the thought as amusing as we do enticing, she erupts in a spontaneous, bubbling laugh that carbonates our day at the beach. A nineteen-year-old native of Copenhagen, Denmark, sand and sea is this midnight sunshine girl’s natural element.

    For lazy afternoons spent burying her cares in the sand, our breezy March Pet prefers the company of women. Obligingly, a few fetching friends join the fun. But at night, she claims, it’s the men that catch and hold her attention.

    “In general,” says she, “Danes are more relaxed about sex than most Americans are. For us, it’s a joy to celebrate, not a secret. However, when you’re really in love you tend to be very faithful…” Maybe, but at least we’ve got her number…

    She doesn’t quite understand, until her comely friend explains, causing an outbreak of laughter that proves to be highly contagious. Appropriate, really, since our knockout Florence Nightingale is studying to be a nurse.

    Laughter, she thinks, is the very best medicine, with love a very close second. “I believe the man you love should be the center of your world. I always feel my place is with my lover, and I feel so out of place without him.”

    “Being in the Bahamas to pose for Penthouse was so flattering, so exciting: everything and everyone was so wonderful. Yet I felt Rather empty without a boyfriend to share it with…” For our part, we thought the shifting sands of time have rarely been passed in better company.

    “Frankly, I am the quiet one, traditional kind of girl you Americans might call bourgeois. I love in a sleepy little fishing village called Arhus, where life is very slow and simple. Someday I want to have my own home, with a husband and several sweet children…”

    “Of course,” add our 36-24-35-inch Danish delight, “I am still very young and will grow and change in many ways. Maybe someday I’ll have more adventure in my spirit. We’ll have to wait and see.”

    Greta, we’ll provide all the waiting room you need.

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