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Emily Willis

  • Penthouse Pet of the Month May 2019

    Hometown: St. George, Utah

    We heard you love having sex in front of the mirror? Yeah, I get turned on watching myself. Who doesn’t?

    You are like Christian Bale in American Psycho when he’s having sex and kissing his biceps in the mirror? Yes! [Laughs] I also love foot fetish stuff. I give a good foot job, just saying.

    What was it like growing up in Utah? Were you raised in a religious house? We have to just assume… Actually, I grew up Mormon in a super conservative family. I was very conservative myself in high school.

    What was it like growing up Mormon? It was interesting. I went to church – a lot. My parents were very strict. I was not allowed to even think about dating until I was 16-years-old. I was never allowed to wear spaghetti strap tops. In high school, my friends and I would be in church on a Sunday morning after partying all night and having sex that Saturday! I got a little wild in my senior year.

    We have some other Penthouse Pets who were raised as Mormons. Is this a trend? Mormon to porn? I think it’s because we grow up in such restricted and unaware circumstances. Once I started exploring my sexuality, I never wanted to look back. It was the whole dog-on-a-leash thing.

    Why did you get into the adult industry? I was dating a guy who ran his own amateur site and I just went for it. But being on set that day and having sex on camera really sparked something in me.

    Are you an exhibitionist? Oh yeah. I can do anything if there is a camera or an audience. Even if I am masturbating, I will turn on my camera and film myself, watch myself. The gratification comes from knowing that someone will get off to this later.

    You are the ultimate people pleaser. Kind of. [Laughs] I was a teacher’s pet in high school. I was a total tattle tale. I was all up in my teacher’s business. I was that kid.

  • Measurements:32A-23-34
  • Height:5’5

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