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Ella Silver

  • Penthouse Pet of the Year 2019
    Penthouse Pet of the Month November 2018

    Hometown: Cambridge, England

    Does your British politeness ever get in the way of your insatiable sex drive? Not really. Over the years, I have finely tuned how to ask men to “fuck me in the arse” in a polite and respectable manner. [Laughs] I’m not so polite in the bedroom, so it’s never been an issue.

    You do a lot of crazy cosplay in your cam shows. Is there anything you won’t do? Nope! I’ll try anything at least twice. The crazier it is, the more I want to try it!

    What’s your favorite way to relax? I love to read! Any fictional book I can stick my nose in and forget about where I am for a few hours is golden for me.

    You seem like a secret thrasher. How many fights have you been in? One. I wouldn’t pick a fight with me. I think most people can see that and so have never tried!

    What’s the best part about being a bombshell blonde British babe? Traveling the world to have my picture taken!

    If you weren’t in the adult world, what would you be doing? Well, before this I had a horse-riding school in Italy. I would like to become a pilot one day, though. Commercial planes. I like to learn, so I’d probably throw myself into learning something new.

    What’s the biggest misconception about British chicks? Everyone seems to think we have really bad teeth. Mine are perfectly white and straight, thank you very much! Although I might be cheating, as I’m half American.

    What do you love about America? The space. Growing up in the U.K., everything is crammed in because we have no room. My house could fit into most American garages. Also, your customer service and manners. Everyone is infinitely more cheerful here. I like cheerful people.

    Ella Silver is a 6'1' blonde British bombshell who is impossible to overlook and not easy to forget. Ella was born in Miami, Florida, raised in the United Kingdom and she now lives an International life of modeling, wherever her gigs may take her. She was named Penthouse Pet November 2018, as well as European Cam Model of the Year 2018. and was also a nominee for Pornhub Cam Performer of the year. Ella likes to get extremely nasty in the bedroom and she's the first to admit it. She's got a dirty mind and a mouth to match. You can see her filthy hotness on her cam channel or her personal AVN site where she uploads herself doing her XXX deeds, including having crazy fun with cosplay. Ella is playfully naughty and easy to obsess over, so don't be surprised if you find yourself totally addicted to Ella. We certainly are!

  • Measurements:32E-28-35
  • Height:6'1"

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