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Diana Van Gils

  • Oftentimes, expanding one’s horizon can lead to very pleasing results. In this Issue we charted a course for Holland and dropped anchor when we discovered Diana Van Gils, Our October Pet of the Month. A professional dance, 18-year-old Diana says, she loves inventing new routines: “If you stick with the same old themes, people get bored. I’d rather shake them up!”

    Diana spends her free time designing and sewing her own clothes.

    “I make all of my own costumes for work,” she says. “The more outrageous the style, the better! Who wants to wear what hundreds of women already own when you have a chance to be original?”

    “My choice of cuisine is not so elegant,” says the 38-24-36 blonde. “Serve me a large plate of spaghetti or a big pizza covered in sauce and cheese, and I’ll be a very happy lady. But my taste in music is very discriminating, I adore Mozart.”

    “Everyone who goes to America tells me how beautiful the country is and how handsome the men are. I hope someday to see that for myself.”

    Diana has done her American-history homework, and says she is most intrigued by the legendary gangster era of the 1920’s “Sometimes I even fantasize about living that kind of life myself.”

    Diana is saving her money for her long-awaited voyage to the States. And when that happens, there’s bound to be plenty of mates on hand when her ship comes in!
  • Measurements:38-24-36
  • Height:-



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