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Daisy Marie

  • Penthouse Pet of the Month June 2008

    Favorite food and drink: Mexican and Italian; kamikaze shots

    Favorite TV shows: That ‘70s Show and Weeds

    Favorite movie: Domino

    Hottest movie sex scene: 9 ½ Weeks

    Favorite sport: Basketball

    Your ideal man: I go for the average Joe.

    If you won a million dollars, you’d: Donate half of it to the people in my hometown in Mexico. Then I’d buy my mom her dream home.

    You’re always up for: An adventure

    You’re never up for: Morning sex

    Most daring thing you’ve ever done: I flashed a cop and got out of a ticket.

    Do you want to be famous? In my eyes, I already am!

    Biggest risk you’ve ever taken: Posing nude for the first time.

    Were you popular in high school? No, I was a tomboy and a bully.

    Under what circumstances would you have sex with a stranger? If I was really in the mood.
  • Measurements:34D-22-34
  • Height:5’4”

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