BREE OLSON Penthouse Profile

Bree Olson
Height: 5’3”
Measurements: 32D-28-34
Fun Fact: I like an audience—the more people watching me, the more I get into getting down
Bio: Penthouse Pet of the Month March 2008

Favorite sport: Mountain biking

Hottest movie sex scene: My scenes in the Penthouse DVDs!

Favorite food: Ukrainian—my mom is from Ukraine

Pet peeve: L.A. traffic. I have the worst lead foot ever.

Were you a wild teenager? I think we all had our moments. I was very well known in high school.

What gets you excited? Sexually? Everything! It doesn’t take much to get me excited!

Would you rather lose the ability to have orgasms or your right arm? Orgasms, because without my right arm, how would I masturbate? Wait, that wouldn’t work out. Man, I hate hypotheticals!