BARBARA CORSER Penthouse Profile

Barbara Corser
Measurements: 36-24-35
Bio: Penthouse Pet of the Month August 1977

Antithetical to the popular notion that German girls are big. Grinning, lumpy frauleins with as much sex appeal as a boiled dumpling stands the exquisitely fashioned (36-24-35) Barbara Corser, this month’s pet paean to the living (erotic) arts. Doe-eyed Barbara, who was born in Munich twenty-four years ago, now lives in Los Angeles, where she enjoys modeling but hates the stereo-typed image associated with it. “I simply want to be accepted as something more than an ornament,” she says. “There is more to me than a sexy first impression.”

“A man doesn’t have to be incredibly beautiful. If he is beautiful on the inside, then he will be attractive on the outside. If a man is self-confident and likes himself, that turns me on more than anything else. I have very open relationships with my men. They understand that while I care about them, it will not stop me from having an affair with another man who attracts me. I try to keep them all friends… When you are open enough, you are not afraid that your lover will leave you. Women are attractive to me, too. I have gone to bed with another woman, not because I have any special lesbian tendencies, but because it seemed instinctively right at the time.”

“I like to act out fantasies with my man. What I do is to play a role, a different character, each night. If I think it will please both of us if I dress up in a garter belt and stockings and outrageous clothes, I will do that. If I suddenly get the idea to touch him or go down on him in the car while he’s driving, then I will do that, too! If my man decides he wants me to tie him to the bed and make love to him, tease him, then we will try that. One moment I can be a child — running naked on the beach, laughing and hiding from him — and later that night I will turn into a sophisticated and cool lady. That’s where the fun is! I am a creature of magic moods.”

“One of the most erotic experiences I’ve ever had was at a costume party. My date went as a monk, dressed in a long, flowing robe, with nothing on underneath. I dressed the same way with a mask. We flirted madly at the party so that by the time we got to the car, I was so excited I couldn’t stand it. I pulled up his robe and made love to him right there.” — Now that’s a habit we’d all like to get into.