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Adrian King

  • Penthouse Pet of the Month December 1976
    Looking at this month’s Pet, Adrian King, rising from the deep blue sea, you might think that you were witnessing a miracle out of nature, a mirage. But this lovely sea nymph is deliciously real and sensuously alive. Every inch of Adrian’s 34-23-34 body glistens with the pleasures that come with being totally at peace with nature. “There is something really mystical about the ocean, about the way it makes you feel while it caresses your naked body,” says Adrian. A native of Michigan who was seduced by Florida’s sandy shores, Adrian has a view of life as sunny as her adopted state. “I love my life,” she says. “I love making love; I love everything that makes me feel fulfilled as a woman.”

    “I never need an alarm clock,” says the early-rising Adrian. “Somehow my body knows when the sun is playing off the water, and I want to be there when it does. The best mornings begin when I awake close to a lover. My most passionate lovemaking takes place at daybreak. I’ll kiss my man gently and watch him turn toward me, feel him growing hard even before he’s fully awake. I enjoy knowing that my warmth is the very first thought of his awakening — that he feels protected, secure, and alive with the touch of my hand. And when I feel him moving deep inside me, I feel totally alive and totally secure.”

    “What should a man do to arouse me? Let his fingers play gently across the curves of my body… show me his desire. The kind of man who excites me has a strong, muscular body; a dark thick beard; and deep sensitive eyes. You can learn a lot about a person by looking into his eyes. I want to gaze at a man and know that he believes I’m special, soft, and sensitive — that my body is like a temple, that you enter it with respect and devotion. Too many men think sex ends at the penis. Sex is really an entire state of mind.”

    A twenty-year-old aspiring stewardess, Adrian expresses the philosophy we used to hear when girls were still girls. “I guess I was just brought up a romantic. I know it’s old-fashioned, but I still love a man who holds a door open for me or gives me flowers when there’s nothing to celebrate but his love for me. When I give of myself, I give completely; and I just expect the same in return.” That’s an old-fashioned notion that will endure as long as love.
  • Measurements:34-23-34
  • Height:-



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