MARIA ANTONELLA Penthouse Profile

Maria Antonella
Height: 5'3"
Measurements: 36D-29-36

Penthouse CyberCutie January/ February 2019

What do you miss most about Venezuela? I miss the food the most. So much.

What are three things you can’t live without? Sex, vibrators, and the internet!

What attracted you to the webcam world? I liked [that] I was able to be my own boss. I love everything about nude photography, nude videos, and the adult industry. It’s fascinating to me.

We hear you're a fan of feminist pornographer Erika Lust’s movies. How come? I found Erika on YouTube. I love her work because, unlike other porn, the woman is not a sex object, she is the subject. She is empowered.

What is your favorite romantic movie of all time? Love by Gaspar Noé.

You recently lost a lot of weight. What motivated you? I lost a lot of weight about five or six years ago. I wanted to better myself and be happy, and to live a healthy life.