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Video - Pinup Fusion 3

Comments (4)

  • renegade452018-02-07 03:33:20

    Are the other parts missing? I stumbled across part 5 with Bridgette B. and did a search for more scenes from Pinup Fusion, but this was the only other one that showed up.

  • xena2018-02-07 07:26:26

    Sorry about that, all the other scenes show up now when you search Pinup Fusion. Thanks for letting us know.

  • renegade452018-02-08 02:18:29

    Thanks Xena. I actually recognize the scene with Celeste Star and Aiden Ashley but it was under a different name. I guess that's why I couldn't find them. :)

  • xena2018-02-08 07:14:08

    No Problem :D Before the great site switch over, many of the scenes were given made up titles, we are working on adding the correct titles and matching galleries. Thanks again for writing to us. :]

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