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Video - Foxtrot 1

Comments (3)

  • CRICKET4732020-05-23 13:35:49

    Very good looking woman!

  • costaricais4fun2020-05-23 20:13:50

    Lindsay Meadows is incredably sexy in the video whereshe seduces the real estate broker. It just shows that you do not need huge tits to be very sexy. She also does an admirable job of sucking his cock when the time comes. I had to replay the opening scene a dozen times to enjoy it over and over. PLEASE feature Lindsay again in a similar scene where her great smile and body language can achieve success!!!. Andrew Guthrie, Reston, VA. (Oh to have a girlfriend like that!!!)

  • costaricais4fun2020-05-24 10:56:56

    Dear Penthouse Gold. Lindsay Meadows is not just "Hot" this lady is RADIOACTIVE. Love the scene where she seduces the skeptical real estate agent (lucky guy). Just one thing. This special Penthouse "hottie" is being asked to fuck guys in all kinds of uncomfortable places. First, after she bears her thin shirt for the real estate guy, she has to lay down on the cold, hard rock of the entrance to to the mansion. Then next she is in some bar after closing, fucking the dishwasher. And lastly she is putting out the wash on the plains when some big cowboy comes over and fucks her on the front of his old rusty FORD. CAN'T YOU please FIND THIS YOUNG LADY a nice comfortable bed to take her next lover for a great fuck. Andrew Guthrie, Reston VIRGINIA. ps She REALLY GIVES A g-r-e-a-t BLOW JOB TOO!!!

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