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PREVIEW - Pet of the Month January 2019

Jisel becomes a bit more revealing in the members’ area, as one might expect.

Comments (3)

  • Raiders75122019-01-01 16:52:30

    She's Hot! What is SFW?

  • Team Penthouse2019-01-05 07:07:50

    Perhaps a bit of an industry term, "SFW" means Safe for Work. In other words, there should not be anything embarrassing in this clip should a coworker discover you watching it. That said, work environments do vary, so you may not want to be playing it on your phone during a meeting with the Archbishop, but then again, who knows? Since the site relaunched, they've started making these little teaser clips that come out a week before the more "revealing" specials for the members. We hate for people that have paid money to miss anything, so we decided to run them here as well. ... Long explanation for "fancy movie trailer" perhaps, but there you have it.

  • Sixeriverson042019-01-05 07:24:53

    Hi Penthouse, So the full clip of Jisele lynn will be release sometime next week right? If so, looking forward to seeing it.

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