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Pets 30:60 - part 1

From the Penthouse DVD, Pets 30:60

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Enjoy them all!

Comments (13)

  • broadband12016-09-15 12:24:15

    At last the glorious, incomparable Julie Strain. There are few who will ever match her

  • broadband12016-09-15 12:52:28

    The video of Gina is just too too short, one could watch her for hours. My word it is exquisite

  • Markkua2016-09-16 01:39:48

    First real Marvel ! 10 +.

  • Markkua2016-09-16 04:07:37

    Great set of Beauties. Is this electric Ladyland ?

  • Markkua2016-09-16 04:48:58

    4 Greats ! Are these Greatest Hits ?

  • Xena2016-09-16 09:54:46

    The name of the DVD is 30:60. there are 5 more parts to come.

  • Markkua2016-09-17 04:23:43

    Is the purity from Inside, the Soul. Is there also Love ? That's Best.

  • Markkua2016-09-19 10:04:31

    Impressive video to be admired.!!

  • Markkua2016-10-09 09:34:12

    This is really convincing video art !

  • broadband12016-10-11 16:33:59

    This is indeed video art. The flexibility of Gina's body on the water wall is magnificent. What a body and she was totally exquisite

  • broadband12016-11-19 16:10:04

    Quite impossible to watch the magnificent Gina too many times. To see her arch her back and look at those impossibly exquisite breasts is a pure delight. As I have said the routine is just too too short. Cabaret heaven indeed

  • broadband12016-11-20 04:50:03

    Gina you are magnificent, if only we could have more naked women of Gina's exquisite, perfect, athletic build performing a cabaret act, few will surpass her

  • leopard142017-02-21 02:58:10

    Gina and the water wall is magnificent - wish there was more of her

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