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Aaron Wilcoxxx

  • Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Green
    Ethnicity: Swiss, German, Native American
    Hometown: Baltimore
    Your favorite thing about your hometown: Crabs
    Your favorite food: Crabs
    Describe your first time in 3 words: Waterbed Senior Jodeci
    What was the worst job you’ve ever had? Cleanup at a recycling plant
    Dogs or cats? Reptiles
    Describe yourself in 3 words? Off. Funny. Suave.
    What are your bad habits? Care too much. Laugh too hard. Smile too hard
    Do you usually follow your heart or your head? Head...of my penis
    Do you have any hobbies? Yoga, surfing, tagging
    What is your ideal vacation? Week in Manhattan all expenses paid
    What do you like most about you? I like my height
    Favorite Song? Anything from AFI
  • Measurements:-
  • Height:6’2”

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