JUDITH DIVINE Penthouse Profile

Judith Divine
Measurements: 34-32-34
Fun Fact: Sandra Shine AKA Judith Divine
Bio: February 2001 Penthouse Pet of the Month (Judith Divine) and
August 2003 Penthouse Pet of the Month (Sandra Shine)

Hair Color:Blonde(Judith Divine) Brown (Sandra Shine)

Eye Color: Hazel

Hometown: Budapest, Hungary

Twenty-year-old Pet of the Month Judith Divine has certainly lived up to her name: One look at her is positively heavenly. The 34-32-34 blonde from Budapest arrived with her two sisters in the United States when she was 13. “My father’s brother lives in San Diego. He invited us to come and visit when we were young. We fell in love with the beach and the ocean, not to mention the warm climate,” remarks our divine valentine. “We knew then that we would not be spending our lives in Hungary, and when we could do it, we’d move to the States. The three of us pooled our money and came here together. It’s such a beautiful country, and being in California is like a dream … one I never want to wake up from.”

“Of course,” Judith says, “there are some things I miss about Budapest: my school friends, my favorite restaurants, and gymnastics. I was a gymnast from the age of eight, until I left Hungary. My parents said I had too much energy, so they sent me for gymnastics instruction. I was never Olympic material, but I loved the sport and stuck with it. Through my training, I learned to stay focused and motivated on any task at hand, and gained a tremendous amount of strength and flexibility in my body. I had to be very disciplined, but it all paid off. I’ve been able to use my motivational skills in business as a sales assistant, and my flexibility for more personal pleasures.” 

“As a former gymnast, I can use my flexibility to the max. When I wrap myself around a man, I go full circle, and I can bend myself in ways you never thought possible,” she says with a laugh. “Of course, when it comes to sex, I’ve found that most American men think they know everything. But I could show you some Old World skills you never knew existed.” When our Pet’s not at work or working out, Judith enjoys exploring the wild side of Los Angeles. “I love spending weekends there, indulging myself in purchases from some of the city’s more exotic -and erotic- stores.”

“I recently found myself in one of those body-piercing parlors and was feeling a little sinful,” she confides. “Since I already had my ears pierced, I decided to bring things down a notch. I wrote my friends back home about my body-piercing experience,” she tells us. “At first they were shocked when I told them what I had done, but when I explained afterward about how much pleasure it gives me when I’m with a man, they considered getting pierced too! Who knows, I may have started a whole new trend in my hometown.”

“I can’t believe how my life has changed since I came to America,” reports our Hungarian honey. “Life is so much more electric here. Such excitement. So many more opportunities. I wish all my friends could come here to experience the amazing things that I have.”

Judith, if they’re like you, we’ll spring for the airline tickets.