JENNA JADE Penthouse Profile

Jenna Jade
Measurements: 32-24-34
Bio: Penthouse CyberCutie September 2017

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Tell us about your YouTube series, “Potatoes in Their Natural Habitat”? Oh my god… [laughs] I’m a webcam girl, but most of my shows are silly. I mean, I’ve dressed up as a T. Rex before. I don’t go online as much as I should, so my fans get upset and start to miss me. So, my partner-in-crime Blaze and I decided to put out a vlog so our fans would get a taste of what life with us was really like—you know, us without makeup, acting completely ridiculous.

Like the webcam girl version of The Simple Life. Blaze and I are basically the same person.

Does she hate kids as much as you do? If I’m hormonal, I can see a photo of a kid in a bear onesie and think, “That’s nice”. But then the other 99 percent of the time I see them in person and they’re screaming, their hands are sticky, they’re all dirty with tons of shit on their face—they’re just gross!

Blame their shitty, lazy parents. Wet Wipes are not a secret. I hate them both. The kids are still the ones who are screeching, so I hate them more.

Kinda like the guy you tried to beat up at a donut shop because he took the last bacon cronut. I don’t get up early, okay? I woke up very early to go across town, then waited in line just to get this bacon cronut. I’m waiting and it’s almost my turn, and this gigantic fat fuck in front of me bought all the donuts in the store. ALL OF THEM. Every donut! I still think about that incident and rage. It will stay with me until my death. I never went back to that shop. I found a new donut place to get my bacon cronut fix.

Your webcam shows play out more like improv comedy with nudity. Yeah! I put funny props on my Amazon wish list, and my fans buy them for me if they want to see it in the show. I’ve worked with inflatable squirrels. I’ve spanked myself with ping-pong paddles. I dressed up as a camel once.

You’re a lady of the people. If my fans want to see me act like an idiot, I’m ready. I’m keeping both myself and my fans entertained.

Check out Jenna’s live shows daily at Chaturbate.com/jenna_jade