JAIME HAMMER Penthouse Profile

Jaime Hammer
Height: 5’1”
Measurements: 32D-24-33
Fun Fact: College was nonstop partying... Arizona’s kind of boring, so people drink lot and have lots of sex.
Bio: Penthouse Pet of the Month November 2007

Qualities you like most in yourself: I have the three Bs: brains, beauty, boobs.

Quality you like most in others: I like people who are dependable.

Biggest risk you’ve ever taken: Posing nude. You don’t know what the consequences are going to be.

Were you a wild teenager? My best friend and I were out getting smashed at bars every weekend. We’d stay out until 6 A.M. and smoke pot and do all kinds of crazy stuff.

What gets you excited? Traveling and shopping

What gets you in trouble? Shopping is my vice.

Favorite sound: Swiping a credit card.

Pick any place on your body for an erogenous zone: My neck

Worst job you’ve ever had: When I was 15, I was a maintenance girl for a summer camp. I cleaned toilets, washed six loads of dishes a day, and took out the garbage. It was disgusting.

Sexiest quality a man can possess: Being successful at what he does. Even if he owns a garbage-truck company, if he’s successful, that’s hot to me.

What moment would you most like to relive? Graduating from Arizona State. That was a huge accomplishment.