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Worth a Thousand Words

Worth a Thousand Words

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I wanted to give my husband something special for our tenth anniversary but had no idea as to what — and it was only a month away!

My neighbor Nan was over, with a mouthful of sweet roll, when she mumbled, “I’ve got it.” After a sip of coffee, she suggested that I get my portrait taken for Randy.

I said, “I think he’d like that,” and was going for the Yellow Pages when Nan suggested Roger from around the corner. She said he’d taken her sister’s wedding photos a year ago and did a great job. She offered to drive me to his studio when we finished our coffee.

I knew Roger from house parties in the neighborhood. He’s a handsome man and always polite. He seemed to have a thing for my full boobs and tight ass, so now I put on short, tight cutoffs... Read more...

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