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Window To A World

Window To A World

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Something extraordinary happened to me the other day, something so unexpected that I was taken completely by surprise. Even now, as I think back on it, I can feel my heart beginning to beat faster and my pussy getting warm and wet.

I was sitting in my office, leaning back in my chair, with my legs up on my desk. It had been a very rough day. Everyone in my office had left early to go to a retirement party. I was trying to mellow out by watching the sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge. This filled me with a feeling of peace and contentment, and a glow settled over my body. This glow began to center in my crotch, and I realized that the natural beauty and spectacular colors outside my window were causing me to get rather wet.

It was natural for my hand to steal into my panties and begin to caress my cunt gently. My... Read more...

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