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Wild for Each Other

Wild for Each Other

  • G.E., Washington

I met my current lover, Greg, at work.

It was instant lust for the both of us. We knew from the moment we met that we’d become lovers, and in a hurry, too. Truth is, we can’t keep our hands off each other and have sex at the office almost as often as we do in our apartments.

It’s not unusual for us to “stay in for lunch” or “work late on a project.” More than once, if you can believe it, we’ve slipped away from a business meeting for a quickie in the executive washroom while our clients discussed advertising options. And once, as we prepared to present a very important ad campaign, we fucked like bunnies right there in the conference room! Landing that contract was very important; it would distance us from other ad firms and help make a name for the agency —... Read more...

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