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Virginity Lost

Virginity Lost

  • R.J., Nebraska

I never told this to a soul, not even my husband, who died thinking he was my “first.” Now that he’s gone, I feel a need to share the story.

It was the time of my 18th birthday, and my parents were going away. They were apologetic as heck about missing my big day, but they had a chance to do an all-expenses-paid three-week cross-country trip, and I said of course they should go, I’d be fine. So we did a small party before they left.

They had decided I was responsible enough to stay alone and keep the farm going, but they knew that though we were six miles out of town, we had neighbors close enough to call if I ran into problems.

I had a boyfriend at the time, and we fooled around, especially now when I suddenly had all this privacy. But Wilmer was into me more than I was into... Read more...

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