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Swapping Tails

Swapping Tails

  • G.L., Columbus, OH

Dan’s reunion with his old friend turned out to be an exciting night for me, too. And I learned some interesting facts about my new husband that changed our relationship forever, but in a good way. Let me explain.

We’d just walked into the party and saw a bunch of people chatting up the host when my husband spotted a childhood pal and shouted, “Big Ben!”

His sudden outburst made me jump, and he laughed as he whispered, “Sorry, love.”

Dan tugged me along toward his pal who was standing with a gorgeous blonde I correctly assumed was his wife. I went willingly; we’d say hi to his other friends later.

My husband hugged me close as we approached the broad-shouldered man in a blue suit and the petite lady in red. The men shook hands like they were trying to tear... Read more...

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