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Sultry Sojourn

Sultry Sojourn

  • Dirk Richards

Tropical heat raises more than the temperature for an adventurous guy hell-bent on heavenly satisfaction.

Spring is the time of renewal, or so they say. Green things begin growing again — the first leafy stirrings after the bleakness of winter. The world comes alive once more, tentatively at first, as uncertain as a newborn deer.

But summer, to me, has always been the truest time of living. After spring has restored the rightness of things, here comes summer, with its sweat, its swagger, its seething sense of seasonal immortality. Summer is life everlasting!

I was in need of some sizzle, having lived through a dreary, wintry patch. My career had been successful but taxing nevertheless. Worse still, my love life had stumbled through a series of romantic missteps — one after the other, woman... Read more...

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