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Staying Fit

Staying Fit

  • A.L., New York

I live in Manhattan and work as a fashion editor on a successful women’s magazine. The hours are extremely unpredictable and the work demanding. Consequently, I try to find the time to do things I enjoy and that are good for me. Going to my health club, for example, helps me maintain some level of sanity and remain moderately in shape. I try to go three or four times a week, usually after the major rush around six o’clock. If I’m in the city on weekends, I’ll go on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

I played a little tennis in college, which was quite some time ago, but squash is more suited to the city. My club offers instruction, and so, deciding to clean up my game, I arranged for a few hourly lessons. In all modesty, I can say that for a forty-three-year-old woman, I’ve got a good deal of... Read more...

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