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She Needs to Share

She Needs to Share

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I came upon your magazine at the local bookstore, and have some things I want to share. I’m an 18-year-old high school senior.

Like my Scandinavian mother and grandmother I have blonde hair and sky-blue eyes. I have a girlfriend who’s a wild child — so different from the way I was raised that when Eve and I hang out, the morals ingrained in me tend to fly out the window!

Though I know boys and men have always found me attractive, I was too shy to go any further than “make-out” sessions. But Eve isn’t ashamed to describe all the things she’s done. She describes vividly how it feels to have a thick cock burrowing into her snatch and how she loves to suck a guy off and swallow his come while milking his balls. My loins always warm up when she points out guys she’s had... Read more...

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