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Setting the Table

Setting the Table

  • E.W., Chicago, IL

When Alice ordered me to meet her in our dining room at a very specific time that night, I knew she had something up her sleeve. On nights like that, I usually arrive already semi-aroused because she clearly wants to play. And her form of play typically has me at her mercy.  

I entered the room, noting the absolute silence and how she’d cleared off the sturdy wooden table in the middle of the room. Oh yeah, she was definitely up to something.

I’d been working overtime for a big project. It was mandatory, but Alice didn’t want excuses. She missed me coming home to her on time at night. She missed our frequent intimacy that had waned due to my office responsibilities. So there would be a price to pay, and I was more than willing to ante up.

My beautiful wife was standing in the far corner... Read more...

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