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My Wife's Best Friend

My Wife's Best Friend

  • T.C., Connecticut

Chelsea, my wife’s best friend, came to stay with us while she was in town on business.

Chelsea and Amy have known each other for ten years, and Amy was excited that Chelsea was coming for a whole week’s visit.

I work just five minutes from our house, so I come home every day for lunch. One day, as I went past the bathroom I was shocked to see the door wide open and Chelsea standing there, naked, fresh out of the shower. I couldn’t take my eyes off her large round breasts, erect nipples, and smooth wet skin.

Chelsea knew I’d seen her. She smiled and made no attempt to cover herself.

I continued to the bedroom to change my shirt. Chelsea followed me into the room with a too-small towel barely covering her bush. “Oh, I’m sorry, Trevor,” she said.... Read more...

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