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Motorcycle Couple

Motorcycle Couple

  • P.C., Montana

In my favorite fantasy, it is a cool summer night and my husband and I decide to take a ride on his motorcycle. As we are riding along, I start rubbing his thighs, biting his neck, kissing his back and slowly moving my hand into his pants.

To my surprise, he is very excited. His cock is erect, which makes me stroke it even harder. I lead his hand to my thighs and up my dress, where he finds my panties moist from my juices.

As his fingers find my crotch, I spread my legs. He starts rubbing my clit and forcing his fingers in and out of my pussy. I grab my tits, rubbing each one, enjoying the movement of my body going back and forth each time his fingers enter me.

Cars are passing us, but we are so involved in each other, it doesn’t matter. In fact, we get more excited.

I lean back so far...

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