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Meet and Cheat

Meet and Cheat

  • A.G., via email

Chris was my old flame from college. Occasionally, he popped up in my mental file cabinet for masturbation or fucking fantasies. My husband knew about him and jokingly called him “that guy you never got over.”

Apparently, that was true because when I ran into him at a bar on girls’ night my heart trip-hammered.

We literally collided, and he reached out to steady me with his big hands on my upper arms — all before realizing who I was.

We stared at each other in shock for a moment before he enfolded me in a warm hug.

“What are you doing here?” he asked incredulously.

I was flushed from the surprise and the crowded heat of the bar, but I was also suddenly and profoundly wet between

my legs.

“I’m here with my...

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