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Lust Driven Couple

Lust Driven Couple

  • V.W., Virginia

It had been about six weeks since I had seen my girlfriend, Lori, and I was so incredibly horny. She met me at the airport wearing a black dress with a mostly open back and a full skirt. She was waiting right by the gate when I got off the plane, and I lifted her up high in the air and hugged her. We collected my luggage, put it in her car and set off for home with me driving. Shortly afterward, we were on a four-lane road that heads south through rolling countryside.

Lori kissed me repeatedly, and I put my arm around her shoulders. She then put her head in my lap, snuggling up to me. My cock was hard, and it pressed up against her cheek through the fabric of my trousers. With my free hand, I lifted the hem of her skirt to discover, to my great delight, that she wasn’t wearing panties!

I began to caress...

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