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In the Pocket

In the Pocket

  • B.T., Louisiana

On a weekend jaunt with some friends, my girlfriend, Veronica, and I spent all day in the backseat of my friend’s car, affectionately teasing each other.

I would lean forward and pretend I was participating in the front-seat conversation when really I was tickling Veronica’s clit and fingering her anus.

The seven of us on the expedition had decided to stay in one room. Veronica and I were okay with this, but we knew we would have to get away from the others to finish what we’d started in the car. With all the fun and games going on in the hotel room, it was easy for us to sneak out unnoticed. As we deep-throated each other through the corridor and down the stairs, I almost blew my load in my pants. I just had to hold off for that sweet pussy Veronica keeps so neatly trimmed.

The only...

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