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Hot Property

Hot Property

  • J.H., via email

My weekend at the real estate convention turned out to be anything but the humdrum experience I’d anticipated.

As I sat through a boring seminar, I noticed a familiar asymmetrical haircut in the crowd. It belonged to Marci, a recently divorced mom whose kid attended the same school as mine.

I marveled at the odds of running into her at an out-of-town business event. As horny as I was, I also wondered what would it feel like to run my hand along the shaved two-inch section of her scalp and tug on her remaining locks. Something to grip onto as I guided her mouth to mine.

I was staring at her, and I knew it. I watched her trace the top of a pen against her pouty bottom lip as she tilted her head to the side. Suddenly, she caught my gaze. Her eyes widened in recognition, and she smiled.

That...

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