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Her Husband Came Back Early

Her Husband Came Back Early

  • F. J., New Mexico

I was beat when I got home from the office that Monday evening, and depressed to think that my husband Tom had already left on his business trip, which would keep him away all week long.

I needed a shower and a drink, not necessarily in that order.

I went into the kitchen to mix myself a pitcher of margaritas, which I took upstairs to our bedroom, where I stripped and got ready for my shower. Afterwards, rather than get all dressed again, I slipped on a little robe and decided to take my pitcher and sit out on our patio for a while before dinner.

Our backyard is completely private, and as it was quite warm, I slipped off my robe to enjoy the liberated feeling of being naked outdoors. Half a pitcher later I was feeling no pain, so I set my glass down, turned over on my stomach and soon fell asleep.

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