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Handy Man

Handy Man

  • S.C., Florida

I needed some table legs turned for my dining-room set, so I looked up a classmate from high school who had opened up a wood shop.

We hadn’t seen each other for years, but had kept in touch by phone and e-mail, so I figured he’d do a good job and give me a decent price.

When I got to the shop I couldn’t believe my eyes. The geeky, awkward teenager I remembered had been replaced by a perfectly handsome grown man. He was shirtless, tanned, muscular. His black hair had gotten thicker and longer.

As I sat on a couch across from the lathe, I studied his tight ass under the cutoff jeans and wondered if his dick had grown in accordance with the rest of his body. As Johnny worked, I fantasized about grabbing that tight ass and guiding what was in front of it between my legs and right to my... Read more...

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