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Hands-on Training

Hands-on Training

  • S. L., Illinois

For days I had my eye on Rod, my karate instructor, sending him flirtatious glances as he taught our class.

Blond, athletic, and gorgeous, he sent back signals that let me know he was attracted to me, but did nothing. Everything about the man screamed sex.

Often I found my gaze wandering below his black belt, as I wondered how big his cock was and how good it would feel thrusting in and out of my eager cunt. It never failed. By the end of each session my pussy was soaking wet, and my desire for Rod was steadily increasing. I was no longer interested in karate moves, but in a more intimate hands-on experience.

Unable to stand it any longer, I stayed after class one day to ask if he wouldn’t mind helping me work on a few punches. He readily agreed. We were alone together for the first time, and the... Read more...

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